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Welcome to Callas-Audio

Callas-Audio was launched in 1997 and is based on the wohnraumstudio concept. It was a rebellious action in the Netherlands at the time and so we were one of the precursers. Much has changed over all these years, and nowadays the wohnraumstudio dealer and the direct selling model have become common. Callas-Audio represents brands that convey the message of music:

Callas-Audio has a number of branches:

Tubes4sale Recordclamp Callas Specials Callas Modkit

We offer a large selection electron tubes on the Tubes4sale page. We have a long history of producing audio racks, soundboards and various accessories and the Callas Recordclamp is also a popular creation.
In addition we have a well-equipped workshop where cable assembly, general repairs and modifications are handled.

With kind regards; Rudolf R. Ploeger

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